[mythtv-users] SPDIF surround broken in trunk [SOLVED]

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 06:21:46 UTC 2010


On 14 July 2010 14:20, Greg Woods <greg at gregandeva.net> wrote:
> I've been through all the setup -> general screens in Mythfrontend
> several times now. There are no checkboxes for AC3 or DTS.

Sorry, but if you select an ALSA device, unless that device is
reported as "Analog" (either in the name or description) then AC3 and
DTS checkbox *will* appear.

What does the line at the bottom states when you select that particular device

> I get several ALSA devices: default, NULL, IEC958, and several different
> ones for the analog outputs. But if I select IEC958 like I used to do, I

If you select IEC958, you *will* get the AC3 or DTS checkbox to show,
I can't imagine any circumstances where this wouldn't be true

> only get stereo. I have to select the "surround51" device, then enable
> advanced audio configuration and set up a separate digital output
> device. That was the only way I could get surround sound out via SPDIF.
> So I was too harsh in saying that it is "broken". It would be more
> accurate to say that the audio setup screen has completely changed and I
> find it very confusing. I doubt that it is really any more confusing
> than it used to be, but it is different, and I had figured out how to
> set things up under the old setup and had to go through the trial and
> error process of getting the settings right all over again. But at least
> it works now.

You shouldn't have to do this.
If you select ALSA:iec958, you will get the AC3 and DTS passthrough
checkbox, they must be activated for you to see the 5.1 output.

If you do not see them when iec958 is selected, then yes, something is broken.

I'd like to see a screen capture if you don't see them, so I can fix
the bug if any

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