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I have been a Mythbuntu Theme man for years now and with 0.22 and the side
scrolling themes that scared me I stayed with the Mythbuntu theme...

However with 0.23 I think my new favourite is Arclight. If there is anyone
out there that worked on Arclight, well done. I particularly like the
subtitles/descriptions on the menu items but the artwork is fantastic too.

I have one general comment about the new themes (0.22 and beyond) and it has
to do with the program finder (my favourite way to schedule recordings).

Back in the good ol' days (0.21 and earlier) when browsing the program
finder if you came across a program already scheduled to record the title
would be highlighted (eg. the title would be in yellow instead of white).
This was great because you could see scheduled items at a glance as you
browsed, your favourite programs would stand out against the other titles
(conversely if one of your favourite programs wasn't highlighted you could
jump in and make sure you weren't missing an episode).

After 0.22 you have to step into the program details to see if it has been
scheduled (eg, in the mythbuntu theme the program would have a coloured spot
next to times, blue - scheduled, green - recording, etc).
In Arclight, as pretty and well laid out as it is, I can't see any
indication that an item in the program finder has been scheduled for
recording unless I bring up the info screen... am I looking in the wrong
place? Is there something I haven't noticed? (Also, pressing the record
button on the remote doesn't appear to give you any visual feedback that the
item has been tagged to record)

I don't know if it is possible with the new UI to have scheduled items
highlighted in the program finder but if theme creators out there reckon
that they can achieve it I might have a new favourite theme.

Once again well done to anyone creating MythTV themes, there is some really
nice work going on. I hope to one day have a crack at one myself.



Arclightis a theme that was created by Robert McNamara. He usually does not
read/respond to users unless it is about a hot issue/something interesting
to him.
The MythTV-Theming group has been created for theme related
questions/comments. You might have better luck contacting him there.
Glad you like Arclight, it is my favorite at the moment as well. Prior to
.23 Graphite was my favorite, also by Robert, and I thought it could not be
outdone, he proved me wrong.


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