[mythtv-users] World of pain migrating to "Storage Groups"

mythtv at derdev.com mythtv at derdev.com
Tue Jul 13 19:07:19 UTC 2010

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010 09:36:28 -0400, Joseph Fry <joe at thefrys.com> wrote:
>>  Which only works when the content is available locally.
>>> So use an nfs automount.
>>> Main point is it's doable and there's no need for all cap cries that
>>> doesn't work in any way any time any how and if you even try your
>>> grandmother will fall and break her hip etc.
>> If you're just going to mount the stuff over NFS anyway, why even
>> with storage groups?
> Because storage groups are the future of Mythtv and where all of the
> development is happening?
> I would love it if someone made a myth protocol virtual file system. 
> for example, I could mount my myth storage groups to a path on my system
> and
> have all of it's content appear as though it were local.  Seems like it
> would be do-able (though I wouldn't have the first clue where to start
> myself).

To connect to my NAS for my dedicated BE and FEs - should work for any
network shared folders (NFS, SMB)

On each FE I create folder /shares/ and then use symbolic links

/shares/movies -> /mnt/nas/movies
/shares/music -> /mnt/nas/music
/shares/pics -> /some/network/or/local/folder

Then I configure the BE/FEs to use the folders in /shares/ for content. 
Thus the configuration is simple and repeatable.  The configuration also
isn't concerned whether the details in /etc/fstab/ change for the


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