[mythtv-users] storage directories

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jul 13 17:01:47 UTC 2010

  On 07/12/2010 04:47 PM, Yeechang Lee wrote:
> Michael T. Dean says:
>> Unfortunately, the only (supported) way to get rid of directory
>> overrides for no-longer-existing hosts is to use mythtv-setup on the
>> master backend and actually delete the entire Storage Group
>> (highlight the Storage Group name and hit D).
> My current 0.23-fixes setup won't delete the storage group entry
> ("Default" in my case); it remains there. (As a test I was able to
> delete and recreate the "Live TV" storage group.) I tried deleting the
> directories inside the group first, too, with no change. Ideas?

Right.  The Default Storage Group is special.  Users don't define it.  
It /always/ exists because it's defined in code.  If you fail to 
configure any directories in the Default Storage Group.

That said, it should work /basically/ the way I described for the 
general case.  You go to mythtv-setup, then in Storage Directories, you 
highlight the Default Storage Group, then hit your DELETE key (by 
default D), and you'll see a pop-up that says, "Delete 'Default' Storage 
Group? (from remote hosts)".  When you say, "Yes, delete group," it will 
delete the Default SG directory list overrides from your configuration.

However, as you mention, the Default Storage Group and the directory 
list on the master backend will remain.  If you want to edit the Default 
Storage Group directory list on the master backend, you'll have to go 
into it and then DELETE directory entries or add new ones.  (We will 
likely make it easier to delete all entries from the Default Storage 
Group directory list defined on the master backend, but we decided it 
wasn't worth the effort to fix up the old, dead-code, Qt-UI editor, but 
should just do it when mythtv-setup is redone.)

Note that you may need to update to current 0.23-fixes.  I don't 
remember exactly when I fixed the editor to work more like we've now 
learned it should work***, but it may have been after the 0.23 release 
(or after the pre-release version various distros may ship).  I can 
guarantee it works properly in r25328 (as that's the one I have 
installed, and I just verified it).  However, it's been many months 
since I fixed that, so some older versions will work, too.

/me notices some typos in the popups...  Will have to fix those later.


***When SG's were first created, no one knew how they should be used 
since no one had used them before.  Now that we've had a couple of years 
of experience with them, we understand how they should be used and have 
adapted the Storage Group editor to work that way.

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