[mythtv-users] udev: persistent naming of multiple PVR-* recorders

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Jul 13 11:33:23 UTC 2010

I should read my daily mail before posting messages.  The other thread:
"Irratic PVR250 ivtv module load - Ubuntu" has some interesting udev
rule information in it.  I ended up with the following rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="au0828a video", NAME="950q_analog0"

SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder MPG", NAME="pvr_mpeg0"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv1 encoder MPG", NAME="pvr_mpeg1"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv2 encoder MPG", NAME="pvr_mpeg2"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv3 encoder MPG", NAME="pvr_mpeg3"

SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder PCM", NAME="pvr_pcm0"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv1 encoder PCM", NAME="pvr_pcm1"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv2 encoder PCM", NAME="pvr_pcm2"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv3 encoder PCM", NAME="pvr_pcm3"

SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder YUV", NAME="pvr_yuv0"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv1 encoder YUV", NAME="pvr_yuv1"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv2 encoder YUV", NAME="pvr_yuv2"
SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTR{name}=="ivtv3 encoder YUV", NAME="pvr_yuv3"

I wonder though, if there is a way to make each of those groups of 4
rules a single rule (i.e. one for MPG, one for PCM and one for YUV) so
that adding a new ivtv card didn't require adding 3 more rules.  I
couldn't find, however, with udevadm info anywhere where the ivtv device
number was enumerated (i.e. 0-3).  It's embedded in the ATTR{name} but I
have no idea if and how that could be extracted.  There didn't seem to
be any other attribute that carried the device enumeration either.


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