[mythtv-users] Design a low cost, dual tuner, one box solution.

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Jul 12 10:17:06 UTC 2010

Another Sillyname wrote:
> The reason for no internet access needed is a lot of people who are
> sight impaired are older and therefore are often non computer users,
> if the box is not effectively 'self contained' it makes it too complex
> for the likely user base.
There's no user intervention required to run the Radio Times grabber followed by 
mythfilldatabase, the back end does all that. The system I run here is 
effectively a "black box", there's no reason why anyone else's shouldn't be set 
in a similar way.

I wasn't aware that EIT now gave you 8 days, but that's because I haven't used 
it for a fair while. I got fed up with the database drive thrashing every few 
minutes as the latest data got compared with what was already there. Running the 
xmltv grabber + mythfilldatabase once a day is sufficiently adequate for our needs.

I'm actually considering setting up such a box for my grandparents: 79 + 82 
years. They recently got given a Sony DVD + PVR box by my sister and /none/ of 
us can make head or tail of it. The procedure to record something on it is 
unbelievably painful. Mythtv is so much simpler.


Mike Perkins

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