[mythtv-users] getting surround sound to amp when hdmi goes to TV

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Sun Jul 11 19:12:20 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 11:47 PM, jansenj
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> wrote:

> This is a bit off topic since it has nothing to do with myth.  Currently I
> have video going to TV via dvi, and audio to an amp using coax spdif.  If I
> wanted to get audio on my tv as well, what are my options and still retain
> surround sound at the amp?  I have a video card that supports hdmi, but I
> haven't tried to get audio working on it yet.

My TV (Sony Bravia), has an optical audio out which I feed into the amp.
 This is nice because it means I can get 5.1 sound on everything including
anything from the TVs tuner, MythTV and my PS3.

If I wanted to use TV speakers instead of the amp for whatever reason
there's a toggle in the TVs options.
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