[mythtv-users] New install: Forgets input source ( solved? )

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jul 11 04:50:03 UTC 2010

  On 07/10/2010 08:15 PM, bhaskins wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>  On 07/09/2010 11:37 PM, bhaskins wrote:
>>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>>  On 07/08/2010 11:16 PM, bhaskins wrote:
>>>>> This install has really given me fits:
>>>>> .23, ubuntu 10.4, combined FE/BE, fixed ip
>>>>> After boot live tv fails with "Error mythtv is using all inputs 
>>>>> but there are no active recordings"
>>>>> mythweb backend status is blank.
>>>>> Just running backend setup/input connections/fetch channels from 
>>>>> listing source seems to fix all of this until the next boot.
>>>>> Everything was quick and easy with 9.10
>>>>> Thanks for any help!
>>>> DHCP changing IP address and/or hostname changes?
>>> Install started off as DHCP, and then changed it to fixed ( 
>>> )
>>> ....
>>>> If so, configure all mythbackend systems with static IP and hostname
>>> .... and this is set at both places in setup
>>>> (you can even set DHCP to issue the "static" IP), then do (at 
>>>> least) the capture card portion of 
>>>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034
>>> It now appears that just going through setup, and not changing 
>>> anything(!) fixes the problem(s)
>>> until after the next reboot.
>> Sounds like a (broken) distro design that initializes networking 
>> after the backend is started...
> I think that you have nailed it!
> I found out that all I have to do to get everything working after boot 
> is to kill mythbackend.
> It autorestarts and everything seems to be working.
> UB 10.4 strikes again along with broken hibernate and 30 second max 
> limit on wireless connections.
> Do you suppose that they might have picked up some of the laid-off 
> software guys from that other OS outfit?
> Could this ( force restart of BE ) be added to a faq or something?
> I'll just bet that I'm not the first person to be bit by this.

Better approach would be to fix the start script to check whether 
networking is enabled (i.e. ping the DB on the master backend or ping 
the master backend on the remote backends or something) before starting 

Of course, I have no clue if that's even possible in an upstart world...


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