[mythtv-users] Frontend dbpassword not persistent

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Jul 11 02:59:35 UTC 2010

On 11/07/10 12:25, Nick Rout wrote:
> Yes, perhaps your network is not up when mythfrontend starts and it
> can't find the backend? I THINK this presents in a similar way.

No, it's definitely up. In any case, once I enter the correct password 
the front end kicks in.

> Alternatively has one of those files got a small misspelling and the
> wrong permissions to let<user>  change it?

I'm confident the password in those files I am aware of is correct.

In any case, it would mean the initially displayed password should 
reflect the incorrect spelling, which is not the case. The password that 
is displayed when the frontend first starts up is substantially 
different to the required one.

NB: there is only one backend on the network.

> And are you sure it is<user>  that is running mythfrontend and not
> <anotheruser>  ?


> (LOL I was just looking at your similar thread on mythbuntu forums).

<grin> The frontend is on my office desktop computer, so this hasn't 
been a big deal to retype the password every startup. It's just that, 
well, it's a challenge, right? ;)

But I figure the incorrect password being put up has to be on the PC 
somewhere so we're grepping madly at the moment...

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