[mythtv-users] Corrupted bottom line of pixels.

David Asher asherml at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 12:28:08 UTC 2010

On Jul 10, 2010, at 3:40 AM, Paul Gardiner wrote:

> David Asher wrote:
>> On Jul 9, 2010, at 11:02 PM, David Asher wrote:
>>> On Jul 7, 2010, at 9:08 AM, MarcT wrote:
>>> [deleted earlier]
>>>> I have an IONITX and I just installed an HD-PVR earlier this week and all of
>>>> its recordings have a line at the bottom that changes colors to me in what
>>>> seems like a random pattern, but it's always a solid color.
>>>> Recordings done on my HD-5000's do not display this issue.
>>>> MarcT
>>> I have this as well, but only for 1080i recordings (I currently let the STB feeding the HDPVR output native format).  It definitely seems to be in the recording, because the preview image in the Watch Recordings screen shows it to.  Usually its blinking/flashing green dots/lines at the bottom of the screen.
>>> The HDPVR recordings from ESPN (720p) don't exhibit it.
>>> Not sure what to try.  I'm running firmware in the HD-PVR.
>> Hmmm...  Seems like my conclusion it is actually in the recording is wrong.  Playing on my Mac w/VLC shows no green lines on the bottom, and player doesn't either.  So its something in how MythTV is processing the image -- both for preview generation and playback -- which is causing the corruption.
> Interesting. Does the preview generation also involved VDPAU?
> I wonder how many forms of this we have. So far two have been descrived:
> 1) The whole bottom line is incorrect, and is a solid single colour.
> 2) Only the first 3/4 of the bottom line is incorrect and consists of
> 3 copies of the last 1/4.
> Who's seeing which? I see No 2.

I would say I'm seeing #1, but its really more flashing dots on the bottom row of pixels (where most often there are so many dots that it forms lines), and its not always the same color.  Mostly green, last night I watched a show with blue and pink.  Its not usually mixed, however.

Still collecting more data.  Might switch the STB to 720p and see if that really makes it go away.  I see the corruption on all 3 TVs (all are driven by IONs, one zotac DIY and 2 revo 1600s).


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