[mythtv-users] comcast follies

David Williams mythtv_david at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 10 11:47:24 UTC 2010

Thanks, everyone, for the helpful information. I reassessed the situation and 
discovered firewire is partially active. As I said in the first post the RNG110 
shows up as a capture card on the back end setup and I discovered it turns on 
the set top box and changes channels. I also discovered that it generates a 
partial lock on live TV and while I tried all manner of setting permutations I 
could never get Pandora's Box to open and get either a picture or sound. Does 
anybody have any suggestions of a setting that will get past the partial lock? I 
did an abbreviated review of the HD-PVR and, if I get it, this is an instrument 
offered by Hauppauge that in some unfathomable way takes advantage of something 
called the analogue hole and converts a lower quality rf signal into very high 
quality HD. Justin, I see where there is a capture card setting for this unit, 
is it fairly plug and play? Any gotcha's I should be aware of?

Its nice to know I'm not the only geriatric, in my case geriatric baby-boomer, 
in the neighborhood . Three recent events made me feel my years. 1) Carly Simon 
turned 65, 2) Ringo Starr turned 70, and 3) A young man I partnered with a few 
days ago constructing walls for a Habitat build had never heard of whitewall 

Thanks, David 

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