[mythtv-users] How to properly configure identical but time shifted channels?

Shawn Asmussen shawn.asmussen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 21:13:44 UTC 2010

The way that my cable provider lineup works is that the SD versions of
channels are generally from the pacific feeds, but the high definition
versions of the channels sometimes sometimes also use the Pacific schedule,
lining up perfectly with the programming on the SD version of the channel,
but sometimes use the east coast schedule, and have the same programming,
but offset from the SD version of the channel by 3 hours. What is the
correct way to setup the callsigns for the channels in this case for proper
scheduling to occur? The way I currently have it setup, I have changed the
callsigns of the channels with schedules that line up to be the same, but
left the callsigns on the channels with 3 hour offsets alone. For example,
the way that CNN and SCIFI come down to me from schedules direct is like

36   CNN
50   SYFYP

CNN has the exact same timeslots for every program regardless of whether
it's the SD or HD version of the channel, so I editted the callsign for
channel 736 to be 'CNN', matching the SD channel. However, SYFYHD uses the
east coast scheduling, with the same exact programming, but 3 hours offset.
For that channel, I have the callsigns the way they come down from
schedulesdirect, with each channel having it's own unique callsign.
(Actually, I editted them to SCIFIP and SCIFIHD, because I think the new
'SYFY' name is absolutely ridiculous, but that's another matter altogether.)
My question is basically whether or not I have this setup the way I should.
Is this the normal way of handling time shifted but otherwise duplicate
channels, or is the mythtv scheduler actually capable of understanding the
time offset of the channels, and would function better if I actually were to
make the callsigns for 50 and 750 identical as well?

Shawn Asmussen
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