[mythtv-users] Comcast vs. FIOS, ease of mythtv integration?

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Jeff, what services are you running at home in order to know they aren't
blocking your 35/35 service?


Do you run a email server/web server? Etc?




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On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Eric Sharkey <eric at lisaneric.org>

So, a few years back Verizon made FIOS available in my area and
they've been marketing it heavily, but I chose to stick with Comcast
due to the fact that they didn't block ports on the internet connect
and that there were a wide variety of channels available without a set
top box which I could get either on analog cable or through clear QAM.
 Fast forward to today and Comcast has consistently worked to reduce
the ease of use of their service to the point where I no longer see
any advantage to sticking with them.

Is Verizon any better?  What's the general feel for people on this
list?  Is firewire capture from Verizon STB's any more reliable than
with Comcast?

I really would like a solution that just works with the same
reliability I once had with my PVR-150 and HDHR to get a recording
that I can be reasonably confident will actually happen (and record in
its entirety) when I schedule it and be watchable, including support
for closed captions, preferably in HD when available.


I've had FiOS Internet for the better part of 5 years now, but just
recently switched from Dish Network SD to FiOS TV HD.  (The TV service
wasn't available when I first got FiOS Internet!)


I do not capture via firewire however as I have two HD-PVRs.  I change
channels via firewire using the 6200ch program on the wiki.


As far as Clear QAM is concerned, I did a scan and found that I got
about 1/2 of the locals I can get via ATSC OTA, plus a boatload of
'local' government/public channels.   Since I could get more 'locals'
with my roof-top antenna, and the 'government' channels didn't interest
me, I chose to use the HDHR for ATSC instead. 


As a side note, I think I read that FiOS carries the first 50 channels
in analog as well, but I haven't tried tuning anything to see if there
is anything worthwhile in that range...  (Plus I'm spoiled by HD now!!!
Analog SD would be a major step down!) 


BTW: Typically the cable companies have to re-compress HD channels in
order to be able to fit more channels in the limited bandwidth they have
available on Cable.  FiOS has much more bandwidth, and doesn't
re-compress the original HD signal, so their HD is absolutely stunning!


Oh, and there do not seem to be any blocked ports on my FiOS internet
service now...  Which is a nice bonus.  (as is the 35/35 data rates that
comes with the Extreme HD package I subscribe to!)  



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