[mythtv-users] Dedicated frontend IR remote control without a tuner card.

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 9 01:08:02 UTC 2010

First off, I have to say 0.23 is turning out to be a gem of a release.
With very little head banging, consolidating all my tuners (and existing 
recordings) into a dedicated backend is coming along nicely.

Last hurdle to clear is how to get my now frontend only box to listen to 
the remote.
No more PVR-150 = no more IR receiver.

Hours of general stfw, specific gossamer-threads.com, and 
mythtv.org/wiki searches and I know everything there is to know about 
remotes, but nothing about how to get the signal into the frontend.

Wandered the halls of Fry's, Saw one MS MCE remote with USB IR receiver. 
I already have the remote (two, actually) plus I'd rather not ship my $$ 
to Redmond.

Read the wiki page on how to build a IR transceiver. $10 worth of parts 
and $50 worth of tools...

I see online stores selling USB transceivers as an option, but I want it 
NOW! *g* and I'd hate to order one and find out it doesn't work.

If The $50.00 MCE remote is my best option, I'll go with that.

Is there an off the shelf IR USB (or serial) solution?

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