[mythtv-users] help needed speccing out small silent frontend.

jr jraymyth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 17:04:16 UTC 2010

I just built a combined FE/BE from:
Zotac ionitx l-e
4gb ram
Apex mi-008 case
Mobil rack for two 2.5" drives(3.5" bay)
2.5" 120gb sata
2.5" 500gb sata
PicoPSU 80 Watt power supply
HDHR dual tuner
Hauppauge HVR 1950
kaze jyu slim 100mm case fan

I cannot hear it sitting next to it.

I can watch a recording while recording 4 digital and one analog show using
about 40% CPU. Commercial flagging uses about 80% of one CPU.

Mother board has wireless but I have never used it


On Jul 7, 2010 5:45 AM, "Ryan Duffy" <dusteur at excite.com> wrote:


I'd like some ideas for a small silent low-power frontend, if anyone has any
experience they'd like to share.
I've only ever built tower PCs before so not sure what to look for in a
small HTPC.

The Gigabyte H55N-USB3 looks like a good motherboard with a bit of future
proofing, but might be a bit cutting edge for linux (i'd like it to work now
rather than in 3-6 months time). Has anyone tried this board?
My worry here is that on-board graphics would probably only come from using
the right sort of Intel CPU, and I think I've read that they're not good
enough for hardware accelerated video. Is this true?
Perhaps some other sort of motherboard then.

What about silent and efficient PSUs?

Built-in wireless N would be nice, but not essential as I have a suitable
USB stick to provide this.

Budget not really a consideration, but I'd like it to be cheap but fast
enough. As I'd only use it for tv, plus a bit of web browsing I guess an SSD
might be unnecessary. I'd just put it in standby when not in use so it would
start up instantly anyway.

I'd need a case too. For silent operation, I suppose the case might be
important so that the PC is well cooled.

Any thoughts?
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