[mythtv-users] How to kill mythbackend?

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 6 15:15:45 UTC 2010

Michael T. Dean wrote:
>  On 07/06/2010 04:09 AM, Clay wrote:
>> Freshly jacked up install of 10.04 and JYA's repos. New (old) box to 
>> replace the existing master backend and consolidate all my tuner cards.
>> Migrated DB, dropped, de-corrupted, and migrated again, successfully.
>> Deleted all capture cards and added them again but the cards aren't 
>> happy yet. Can't get anything on the 150's, A180, or ATSC115.
>> I've had the same master backend since 0.19 but several slave backends 
>> and frontends over the years.
>> All the slaves (and the original master, iirc) gave me grief because I 
>> install myth as a user other than mythtv.
>> My "fix" has always been running the backend as the user instead of 
>> the default mythtv user.
>> When I was feeling extra ambitious, I'd track down whatever line in 
>> the init script that started it as mythtv and change it to the user.
>> Usually I'd be lazy and kill mythbackend then run mythbackend in a 
>> terminal and the box was happy.
>> I know it ain't right, but it worked for me, up 'til now...
>> 0.23 brings another wonderful 'Windows' feature to MythTV that keeps 
>> the backend alive if it's killed or dies.
> That's upstart, which *buntu has chosen to replace sysvinit.
>> How do I work around this so I can kill it running as mythtv and run 
>> it as my user?
> I'll leave it to someone who knows upstart to answer your question:  
> "How do I get upstart to start MythTV as a different user?"
> Mike

Got it.
Apologies to the MythTV developers.
I should have known it was a Winbuntu thing. That distro has been going 
down hill for a while... Don't know why I stay with it.

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