[mythtv-users] What controls the volume level in a recording?

Patrick Doyle wpdster at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 23:02:42 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 12:24 PM, Don Brett <dlbrett at zoominternet.net> wrote:
> Justin Johnson wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca>
>> wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 08:56 -0400, Don Brett wrote:
>>>> I noticed that some recordings play back louder than others as if they
>>>> were recorded louder.  My old mythtv box and the new one seem different
>>>> and downloaded content is definitely different.  What controls the
>>>> recorded volume level?
>>> The advertisers.  :-D
>>> b.
> You're probably right.
Many years ago (oh dear, I think I might even be able to say "many
decades ago") I was friends with a fellow who worked at an Armed
Forces TV station in Japan.  He claimed (although, knowing him, he
could have made this up) that he used to turn down the modulation
volume to about 30% on the Saturday morning cartoons from 6am until
8am, anticipating that all the kids watching the cartoons would turn
up the volume on their television sets just to hear the Road Runner go
beep beep!  (I warned you, this was many decades ago).  Then, at 8am,
he'd turn it back to 100% so that all the TV's on the base would
suddenly start blaring out "I tawt I taw a puddy cat!" at full volume.

Of course, he may have been pulling my leg :-)


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