[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct - how to create 2 lineups from same source

MarcT myrdhn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 03:11:20 UTC 2010

Welll.. I tried it a couple more times. Then, myth setup hung. I
killed it. Started it again. tried it again and it downloaded the

Go figur.

Now I'm on to the next step

I just removed my PVR-500 from my tuners list and added in an HD-PVR, my
hd5000's stayed in the system. I blew away my tuners and the linups in order
to clean house and start fresh.
What I noticed was this:

1. mythfilldatabase will run through the entire process of updating but not
create the channels unless the backend is running. Yeah I know, weird.
Because it didn't create the channels the entire download was pointless, but
it gave no errors. Once the backend was running it updated the channels and
downloaded the lineups.

2. mythfilldatabase only updated the channels for the first source.
	This may have been because my second backend, the one with the
hd-pvr, had not yet been configured yet. I had setup the lineup but it was
not in use by any tuners at that point.

I then had a fun time capturing blaster info for my cable box, no one had a
lircd for it yet.


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