[mythtv-users] viewing problems with long shows on PS3

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On 7/4/2010 12:25, emarkert at aim.com wrote: 
> My PS3 shows the correct time when I'm browsing through the > recordings, but when I go to play the recording it's cut off at 39 > minutes 35 seconds - almost as if there is an upper range on the > time.  All of my 1 hour recordings show properly.  I don't have any 2 > hour long shows so I don't know at what length does this problem begin > to express itself. 
>Is it possible this is some 4GB issue? 

The length of the recordings are 5.4GB and I searched about this 4GB limit, but it seems to be in regards to files on the PS3's hard drive and not about streamed media, or at least the threads I've been reading don't seem to be about streamed mpegs

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