[mythtv-users] 0.22->0.23 slave tuners "not available"

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sat Jul 3 09:35:49 UTC 2010

greg at nodecam.com wrote:
>> Uh, what? If this is really a slave backend, then the "Backend IP"
>> /should/ be set to that of the master - that's the only way it know
>> there /is/ a master and that it is itself a slave.
>> (ie the master has both IP addresses set the same. Any slave has it's own
>> IP address as the top entry, and the master's as the second entry.)
> There's two IPs on the first setup screen of mythtv-setup.  The slave had
> both set to the same - and they were both the actual master's IP (!)
>> You should only ever be using as any IP address if the box is a
>> stand-alone backend-frontend combo.
> Is not ok for the "Backend IP" (note, not "Master Backend IP")
> on a slave backend?  I can change it to the slave's actual IP, but I was
> just being lazy.  Things seem to be working ok, but if it's all an
> illusion, I'll fix it.
> is a special address. It means "me". If you just have a stand-alone 
system, with everything on one box, then "me" is fine. However, once you have 
more than one box, each must know where the other one is on the network. The 
master box will put the addresses of all the boxes including itself into the 

Now look at the situation from the master backend's viewpoint. It wants to send 
a message to the slave, for example to ask the slave to record from a different 
channel. It gets the address of the slave backend from the database, and the 
address is, that is, "me". Where is it going to send the message to?

* Yeah, I know. Simplified explanation.


Mike Perkins

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