[mythtv-users] 2010 Mac mini: no go! (Nvidia MCP89 SATA issues)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sat Jul 3 07:09:45 UTC 2010

TJ Harris wrote:

>Of course, this doesn't help the users in the U.S. with ATSC / MPEG-2
>content, it's only H.264.
>My NvMini uses over 100% of one core to do 1080i MPEG2.   It's a shame
>Apple didn't expose more of the GPU acceleration capabilities.  A high
>percentage of web content will be h.264, but we're stuck with MPEG-2
>broadcast content.

Don't forget that Apple has an agenda here - and it doesn't involved 
providing what users want. They have a vested interest in pushing 
everyone to H.264 - they can get licensing fees from the patents on 
that. In the meantime, they are busy squashing competition - no Flash 
in iPhone or iPad, patent threats against Google, and so on.

I've long been an Apple user - but these days I think Apple have 
watched Microsoft, and are trying to out-do them in "closing up" 
systems with the benefit of having seen where Microsoft went wrong !

Simon Hobson

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