[mythtv-users] Just when you thought you had your digital interfaces sussed ...

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 12:26:15 UTC 2010


>Low-priced home digital media connections promised
>HDBaseT to your PC, Blu-ray and more
>HDMI cables used to connect a multitude of every day home audio and 
>video devices may become a thing of the past if a new standard by 
>the HDBaseT Alliance catches on.
>HDBaseT is a network-based standard that will let devices be 
>connected over relatively inexpensive Cat5e/6 cables up to 100 
>meters in length, with HDMI ports being replaced by good ol' RJ-45 
>connectors. If your home or office is wired with Cat5e/6 and you've 
>gone wireless for your internet needs, those cables may again come 
>in handy as your entertainment backbone.

If it catches on AND it gets adopted quickly then it could well be 
interesting - 100W of power and full uncompressed HD video down up to 
100m of cat 5e/6 cable. Hmm !

Simon Hobson

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