[mythtv-users] Audio on HDMI with Nvidia ION

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 03:27:29 UTC 2010

On 2 July 2010 07:56, Nick Rout <nick.rout at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Josu Lazkano <josu.lazkano at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hello, I have a MythTV installed on a Debian Squeeze, I have a Nvidia
> > ION plataform.
> >
> > I want to know if is possible to send the audio to HDMI. I try to
> > configure on the menu but it just works with "spdif" (optical to A/V
> > receiver), I want to config it to send image and audio to TV.
> >
> > Thanks for all and best regards.
I am not near my system so I can not give you my settigs but I have this
functioning without issue.  I am using a ZOTAC ION motherboard.

My audio for all sound from mythtv is going out through HDMI. Just for
interests sake, I also have an optical cable attached to the SPDIF port and
use squeezeslave to send music out through that port. Both devices can be
operating at the same time with different audio streams without issue.

My home theatre receiver has a zone 2 feature which is hooked up to a set of
outdoor speakers which allows me to listen to my audio collection through
the mythtv frontend computer while the kids are insode watching something
within mythtv. I use the ipeng app on my iphone as a wireless remote while
outside to control squeezeslave.




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