[mythtv-users] "Airplane!" disappears from Video list when metadata loaded

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Thu Jul 1 03:15:08 UTC 2010

This is weird.  I am running Mythtv 0.23-235 (fixes) from atrpms. I have a 
file Airplane.avi that is a rip of the Zucker-Abrahms-Zucker movie of the 
same name. 

The file shows up fine in videos at first. But if I load the metadata for 
"Airplane! (1980)" from themoviedb (either using Info->Metadata->Load 
Metadata or W", exit and come back, Airplane no longer shows up in the list 
of videos.

The video file was initially called "Airplane!.avi", so I took out the '!' 
and deleted the DB record for this file, same problem. I changed the title 
in the DB from "Airplane!" to "Airplane", same problem.

In fact, the exact same thing happened when I copied my .bash_history file 
to Airplane.avi, so it looks like it's something with the metadata and not 
the file itself.

Does anyone with 0.23 have Airplane! loading up with metadata ?

Chris Candreva  -- chris at westnet.com -- (914) 948-3162
WestNet Internet Services of Westchester

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