[mythtv-users] easy way to switch between playback profiles?

Mike altmcf at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 07:04:35 UTC 2010

I have a mythdora 5 box that has been running for some time now.  I
have XvMC working with my nvidia 5200 card for OTA HDTV playback on a
P4 processor and it works well.

I use the mythvideo for xvid playback using "ffmpeg & Xvideo" software
decoding and that also works well.

Trouble I have is finding a playback profile that works good for both
of them.  Right now if I want to do xvid I navigate thru the setup
menus and change the profile to ffmpeg & Xvideo ... if I want to
playback OTA HDTV w/o stuttering I navigate thru the menus and set the
profile to use XvMC as I need the hardware decode with the P4 (this
works good for every channel including channel 10 but audio only for
xvid's with this profile) ...

If I make a "combo" profile where XvMC is selected for anything higher
than 720x576 and "ffmpeg & Xvideo" is used for anything less than
720x576 then channel 10 will go to a black screen during playback of
recordings, no audio, with the hard drive light on solid.  The box
will temporarily lock up if I hit any key besides escape for things I
try to playback that were recorded on channel 10.  All other channels
work fine in this combo mode and mythvideo xvid's are also fine.

I use a wireless keyboard to control mythtv and I have a learning
remote that has learned keys from that wireless keyboard so ideally it
would be cool to push a button to switch between the profiles instead
of navigating thru many levels of menu heirarchy to do what is
required in my situation ...

any suggestions appreciated


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