[mythtv-users] Placement of subtitles / CC text on screen

Thomas Mørch tmorch at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 20:29:49 UTC 2010

What tag in the osd.xml file, defines where on the screen the subtitles /
closed caption text should be placed?

Or is it defined somewhere else? I have been looking at different themes,
metalurgy f.ex. places the subtitles mid left on the screen, and the font is
nicely placed inside the black box.

If I use Gray-OSD, then the subtitles are placed at the bottom of the screen
where it should, but the letters extend beyond the black box.

I tried changing the aspect ratio in themeinfo.xml for gray-osd, as well as
the theme x/y size to match a 16:9 screen, and then the subtitles where
moved to the mid left of the screen, and the font was placed inside the
black box again.

I have looked through the osd.xml file, but can't seem to find exactly where
to fiddle to move the text to the right place. any pointers?

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