[mythtv-users] Firewire troubles after upgrade. Is test-mepg2 mightier than MythTV?

J M@h$ jason.macpherson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 04:05:33 UTC 2010

It looks as though my firewire recording problem has nothing to do
with my firewire card.

I bought a new Agere firewire PCI card.  (Which other Myth users have
used successfully)
(This card can be found at BestBuy sold as "Dynex")

I disabled my on-board firewire controller in the BIOS.

My system now reports:
root at myth:/home/myth# lspci | grep 1394
01:0a.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Agere Systems FW322/323 (rev 61)

The new card works exactly like my original one:
  - firewire_tester still works perfectly
  - test-mpeg2 also still works perfectly
  - Mythtv still fails

I could find no major differences in my backend log with previous
failed attempts.

Next, I wanted to see if Juju was the culprit.
I installed Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 (By default Ubuntu does not use juju)
With Ubuntu I still see the exactly same results (the test programs
work, but myth fails).

So to recap, I have been able to rule out the following possibilities
as the source of my problem:
  - Dual-Buffer mode  (my 22A card didn't use dual-mode anyway)
  - Firewire card  (same results TI card and Agere card)
  - Firewire stack (both juju and the old stack give me the same results)
  - Distro ( Ubuntu and Fedora face have the same issue )

Firewire capture *did* work with Ubuntu 7.10 and myth. 21
Having reasonably eliminated other possibilities, I'm betting that my
problem lies within a change to Mythtv itself (and not the OS).

Time to dust off gdb...

Jason Macpherson

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