[mythtv-users] mysqlrepair all tables on startup

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Wed Jan 27 14:08:02 UTC 2010

> Now what you really should be asking is why do you need to repair your
> tables on every reboot.  If your system is unstable, that should be fixed,
> rather than trying to work around some mysql issues as a result.  If you
> have power issues that cause your system to shut down, you should invest in
> a UPS.

Nice theory. Here is where it failed me. One time while rearranging
some network cables in my closet, I accidentally bumped the power
switch on the back of my master backend's power supply. My UPS didn't
help with that. I instantly turned the system back on, but by the time
I had finished doing everything and got back upstairs (I don't
actually have a keyboard/monitor hooked up to box) I had completely
forgot about checking that everything was fine, and didn't notice
until quite a while later that there was a problem. In the mean time,
I think it missed a few recordings. That's when I added the cron entry
to run it at reboot.

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