[mythtv-users] Mythtv Backend Windows 7 Media Center upnp client

David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
Wed Jan 27 01:52:21 UTC 2010

> A few things to note about Windows 7 Media Center upnp support...
> 1) Double Entries -
> It actually would be more than double if left long enough.
> WMP does not perform a browse request, it performs a search against
> MythTV's
> CDS.  The search request contains a Filter that should only allow
> actual
> content, not referenced entries (think symbolic links).  MythTv
> currently
> doesn't handle filters correctly, so it returns all entries including
> ones
> that are just aliases in different folders.  Ultimately WMP treats them
> as
> different recordings so it displays duplicates.
> 2) Sorting -
> Due to #1 above, MythTv has no control over how WMP displays and sorts
> the
> content we return.  It uses the metadata we return to organize it any
> way it
> sees fit.  The only thing we can do is provide better metadata so WMP's
> built in sorting works better.
> 3) Recordings lumped in with Videos -
> Starting with Windows 7, WMP will allow upnp servers to return items
> that
> would be grouped under the "Recorded TV" selection.  The problem with
> it is
> that it only puts content there that says it's a Windows Media Center
> Recording *.dvr-ms or *.wtv.  I've been able to override the content-
> type in
> the returned recording data and it showed up in the "Recorded TV"
> section.
> The problem I had was I couldn't determine who was making the request
> (the
> user Agent header was non-descript), so I couldn't just blindly check
> in the
> change (it would break it for everything other than Win 7).
> All the above is solvable, I just won't be able to get to it until
> after
> some other MythXML changes I'm working on.
> David.

Just a quick follow-up.  If anyone wants to play with having the Recorded TV
put in the correct section in WMP on windows 7, the content-type that needs
to be returned is:



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