[mythtv-users] More HDHR Setup Questions

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 20:45:05 UTC 2010

When I install it as a new capture device (the dual tuner version), I
select the device (tuner0), and on the recording options page, it
defaults to 2 recorders.  When I install the second tuner as a capture
device, it defaults to 1 recorder.  I guess I am asking if I only
install tuner0, by leaving at default of 2 recorders, is it also
installing the 2nd tuner automatically?  I have been installing them
both in the past, and just noticed this last night.  I deleted
mythconverg and re-imported the default database just to be sure.

I'm working on a script to add multiple hdhomeruns using the scan from
the 1st tuner.  I don't see the need for me to scan with 4 tuners
connected to the same cable, and then pull down my SD lineup for
each..  That's quite a lengthy process.  If I only needed to do it for
2 tuners, that might not be so bad though.



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