[mythtv-users] Using Two DTAs with One PVR-500

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Thu Jan 21 05:35:08 UTC 2010

Greg Oliver wrote:
> After almost 4 hours of manually inserting channels into a database,
> it just dawned on me, I could drive somewhere that had a great
> antenna, plug in - scan my channels and go home.  I don't know what
> happened to manually importing channels (I never used it before, but I
> could not find it in the menus)..  But it would have been much easier!
> Oh well, I am new, and figuring it out as I go so I can duplicate it..
>  not complaining (too much) rather noting inefficiencies..

All my channel importing comes from Schedules Direct. I edit my channel list 
on their web site then select "import from listing provider" (or however 
that's phrased) in mythtv-setup.

*My* latest confusion is that I'm eventually going to have three different 
video sources all using different subsets of the same Schedules Direct lineup: 
my DTAs/PVR-500, my HDHomeruns carrying the OTA channels and an STB doing 

Schedules Direct points one here for this issue:

I'm going to simplify their instructions by keeping a master list of channels 
at SD, importing that into a new video source, then manually deleting the 
channels that don't apply to that source.

At least I *think* it's more simple.

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