[mythtv-users] New setup: Frontend won't play recorded programs

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Wed Jan 20 15:57:33 UTC 2010

steve wrote:
>>> . . .
>>>>>> That "[libfaad @ 0x38cc9ef6e0]FAAD library: libfaad.so could not be
>>>>>> opened! libfaad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
>>>>>> directory" seems to indicate a broken compile/install.
>>>>Check for /usr/lib/libfaad.so or /usr/loca/lib/libfaad.so
>>> Not in either place, and find / -name libfaad.so returns nothing.  But
> yum
>>> said it installed it :-/  What to do?
>>To find out which *faad* related packages are installed:
>>rpm -qa|grep -i faad
>>This will probably (possibly!) list things like libfaad etc.
>>Find a likely-looking package name from the list (there may be more than
> one).
>>To find the files installed by a package:
>>rpm -ql <packagename>
>>You could also try:
>>locate libfaad
>>which will list any files on your system with that string in the name.
>>Post the output from those commands.
>>Mike Holden
> Here 'tis.  One obvious thing is that the installed libs are libfaad.so.2
> whereas the frontend seems to be looking for libfaad.so  I installed faad2
> because that's the only faad library they listed at RPM Fusion.  Also
> belcampo thinks these should be in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib, whereas they
> seem to be in /usr/lib64.

/usr/lib64 is normal for a 64-bit installation. This shouldn't be an issue.

> [root at mythtv lib]# rpm -qa | grep -i faad
> faad2-libs-2.7-1.fc11.x86_64
> [root at mythtv lib]# rpm -ql faad2-libs-2.7-1.fc11.x86_64
> /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2
> /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2.0.0
> [root at mythtv lib]# locate libfaad
> /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2
> /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2.0.0

Looks like you have /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2 library, but not /usr/lib64/libfaad.so -
don't know if this is standard, as I'm not at a machine to look at the moment. To fix
this, you could do:

ln -s /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2 /usr/lib64/libfaad.so

to create a symbolic link.

Can you also do:

ls -l /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2*

to confirm whether both those entries are files or links?
Mike Holden

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