[mythtv-users] LiveTV with pen drive and tmpfs

Schulz, Stephan stephan_schulz at siemens.com
Wed Jan 20 09:33:52 UTC 2010

Thank you for your answer! But that is definitely not what I was
directly heading for ;-)

I know what MythTV is (actually I am using it for over 5 years now) and
I have reasons why I want to use it in that way.
I am interested in a deeper configuration and would like to know if it
is possible to reduce the size of the files.

I would be very glad if you (or anyone else) could give me a more
technical answer to my question.

Thank you a lot,

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On 01/19/2010 07:25 AM, Schulz, Stephan wrote:
> Dear MythTV users,
> I would like to run a mythtv-maschine (frontend + backend) without
> physical disk space. There is just a pen drive to start from and a
> I do not want to record any programs but would like to only watch
> So now there is the problem that mythbackend will write the
> livetv-stream to the disk. I could use 1GB of ram for this on a tmpfs
> and mount it to /var/lib/mythtv/livetv/. In the FAQs and the wiki I
> read that mythtv will write junks of 30 minutes if there is no
> epg-data that specifies the actual length. I didn't find any setting
> in the DB to reduce this to for example 5 minutes.
> Is there a setting for this?
> Is there anonther way to achieve that mythbackend will write junks of
> 5 minutes even so that it does not matter what epg says about the
> length of the show?
> Thank you in advance

If that's your goal, you may be better off with a different TV
application designed for LiveTV--like xawtv or tvtime or whatever.

Myth is really a DVR, where the "R" means "Recorder."

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