[mythtv-users] Running XBMC on an Xbox as a MythTV frontend

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 19:12:12 UTC 2010

On 19/01/2010 3:50 AM, Vitani wrote:
> Luckily(?) I don't record anything in HD so SD is fine for my current
> situation. If you can, would you mind finding out which version of XBMC
> and MythTV you are running Robert as I tried the myth:// protocol last
> night and while it showed up all of my channels, when I tried to "play"
> one it errored (something about too many consecutive failures, or
> something, can't remember off the top-of-my-head). I'm pretty sure I
> need to update my version of XBMC, but I am running MythTV 0.22-fixes
> Glad to see someone has gotten it to work though! There is hope :o)

I've been running several versions. The one thing you may need to do, 
however, is check your DNS settings. XBMC on the XBox tries to resolve 
the host name to access the backend, and if it can't resolve it, it 
fails (in the way that you're seeing now).

Alternatively, you can add a "hosts" entry in your advancedsettings.xml 
like so:

     <entry name="HOSTNAME">IPADDRESS</entry>

This will over-ride the DNS resolver.

The advancedsettings.xml file does not exist by default, so you will 
need to create it in your userdata folder.

More info about it is here:
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