[mythtv-users] strange watch recordings screen behavior

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jan 19 07:07:40 UTC 2010

On 01/19/2010 12:47 AM, scram69 wrote:
> I'm seeing strange behavior navigating the Watch Recordings screen.
> Using the up/down arrows to move through the recording groups takes a
> very long time - moving to the next group takes ~15 seconds for the
> shows in that group to become visible.  Checking the log, I find that
> there are "FindRecordingFile" errors associated with each of the 6
> shows visible when I navigate to any given recording group.  Sure
> enough, these 6 sets of error messages take 15 seconds to generate.
> Of course, each of these files is present on the Backend in precisely
> the location where the frontend failed to find them!  The files play
> fine, it just takes forever to navigate through the screen.  As you
> can see, ~3 sec/show * 6 shows * 10 recording groups and I've spent 3
> minutes just navigating to a show...
> This behavior occurs regardless of theme...

I'm guessing your frontend user/process doesn't have permissions to the
files/directories (more likely directories) or you changed around host
names but didn't do it properly.


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