[mythtv-users] NVidia VDPAU PCI cards in the UK?

Andrew bean at tafkab.org
Mon Jan 18 13:00:40 UTC 2010

I had even more problems trying to track down a passive cooled PCI card.

3 different companies that listed the Sparkle one as either available or instock simply cancelled my online order when they realised they didn't really have them.

But PCITShop.com could actually be bothered to order one in for me and I now have a happy VDPAU upgraded system - a little more expensive than the PNY card, but it's one fewer fan to hear...

http://pcitshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1807 (now showing 30 in stock)

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Robert Longbottom wrote:

I was just going to post the microdirect one, as the shop is just up the road from me
and is usually one of the first 2 shops I check for stock, the other being aria.co.uk
which is also nearby!
Mike Holden

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