[mythtv-users] mythtv box not powerful enough?

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Mon Jan 18 01:18:12 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 6:03 PM, Nick Rout <nick.rout at gmail.com> wrote:

> Its a laptop!
> I often see this, people set up an old machine as a trial, and are
> disappointed, putting them off for life.
> Not that this is an old machine I guess.

I didn't catch that bit. :)

How about the Broadcom Crystal HD? I don't know if there is a Myth patch
yet, but if there is, there's a mini-PCIe card you could put into a laptop.
I know XBMC supports it, and the drivers are open source, so I expect Myth
will support it soon if it doesn't already. Even with offloading the
playback, I expect a combined FE/BE on a laptop is going to have trouble
with disk I/O with HD video.

If the OP is willing to spend some money, the Aspire Revo or similar would
be a way to get a nice FE box. Still about $200US though.

h264 is tough to decode without help from dedicated hardware at HD
resolutions. IIRC the recommendation for CPU only decoding was around 3Ghz
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