[mythtv-users] MBE Horsepower...

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Sun Jan 17 22:25:54 UTC 2010

Andrew Close wrote:
> i'm in the process of splitting my combo FE/BE system into a MBE and
> an ION FE.  the machine i'm using for my MBE runs an AMD Athlon XP
> 1.2GHz CPU with 512MB of RAM.  while that worked fine as an SD only FE
> system, it seems to be over taxed running as a MBE processing HDHR
> recordings. more RAM is definitely order as top shows i'm maxing out
> my RAM+swap, and possibly more CPU.  the only extra processing this
> MBE does is commflagging.  in mythtv-setup i have the CPU usage set to
> Low with Max simultaneous jobs = 1.  however, when recording from with
> the HDHR and/or commflagging, the MBE is pretty much unresponsive, i
> can't ssh into the box, mythweb doesn't return and the netboot FE
> hangs until the BE is done.  i am running an X server on the MBE, but
> not a FE.

More RAM is definitely in order.  The system being unresponsive is 
almost certainly because it's hammering the swap file, especially since 
it's trying to concurrently read from and write to the recording files 
while hammering the swap file.

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