[mythtv-users] Server Setup

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Jan 17 19:17:18 UTC 2010

On Sunday 17 January 2010 11:43:44 am robert Larson wrote:

> Good Point about the rest of the system.
> Currently I have a AVerTV HD A180. It was a freebie so I wont
> complain. The sound card is a cheap Ensoniq ES1370. The capture card I
> finally got working with the dvb-fe-nxt2004 firmware. Currently the
> DL580 has 4 2.0 Ghz Xeon processors with 4 gigs of ram expandable to
> 32GB. Since this is pretty low on the memory side I was thinking of
> staying away from doing any type of VM.
> The WAF factor is pretty high at the moment and she likes the fact
> that we can listen to music and she is able to watch her soaps at
> night. Your right this thing has 8 fans and it sounds like a rocket
> when its powered up. Cat6 cabling is almost complete from the basement
> to the living room for the front end. The server has dual gigabit
> cards which I assume will help in streaming the video. I have tried
> wireless and its to much of a hassle and to much data for the wap's.
> (currently 2)
> I would like to use this entire server for the entertainment factor as
> we don't have to much else that we would need it for. I might drop a
> sql database on there later down the road for her recipes. But that's
> later on...TV is more important then food!
> I was thinking of using Ubuntu server 9.10 edition and then loading
> xfce (not sure if I need it or not) The purpose of getting this big
> beast was 2 reasons. One, it was cheap...( really cheap ), Two, I want
> to be able to record more then one show at a time and or record and
> watch something all at the same time. I know that I will be getting a
> second tuner card (maybe the HD-Homerun) but I have not done to much
> research on the HDHR. The last thing I would like to do is get rid of
> the ATI-AIW remote which is nothing but headache (slow response time,
> etc)
> Hopefully this is a little bit more of detail.  =)

Recording multiple programs requires disk I/O, not CPU power. Since you;re not 
running this as a frontend, you shouldn't need the horsepower to decode video.

Whether the HDHR is right for you depends on what's available off-air or as 
unencrypted QAM on your local system. 

If you need to use an STB for most of your channels, you might consider an 
HDPVR-1212, presently the only way to record HD from satellite, and one of the 
two ways (the other being Firewire) to record HD from a cable system. 

The usual way to control servers remotely is by the command line, but you need 
a GUI of some sort (possibly by SSH and X forwarding) to run MythTVSetup 

You don't need sound hardware for a backend, though some Linux distros are 
hard to set up to do sound remotely if they don't see some sort of sound 

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