[mythtv-users] Watch recordings screen in Mythbuntu theme slow

Paul Clark paul at aghast.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 10:45:34 UTC 2010

Hi all

I've got Myth 0.22 running on Ubuntu 9.10.  Everything is working great -
thanks to all the devs for their efforts - the only thing I can't get
working is the performance of the Mythbuntu theme in the Watch Recordings
screen.  I get a 2 second lag when navigating through either the pane of the
screen.  Watching top as I stack up keypresses I can see the mythbackend
process shoot up to nearly 100% CPU.

If I change the theme to Mythcenter-Wide then no lag.  I'm happy using
Mythcenter-wide but I'd prefer the Mythbuntu theme.

I recently upgraded from 0.21 running on 8.04 which was lovely and stable
and I used Meepo-Wide with no problems whatsoever.

Any suggestions for speeding up the Watch Recordings screen in the Mythbuntu

Thanks, Paul
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