[mythtv-users] low family acceptance factor; need advice

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Fri Jan 15 23:15:49 UTC 2010

You might want to try out http://mythbox.googlecode.com

It is still a work in progress but you have alot of the same beefs with the MythTV frontend that I do.


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OK, I moved to Myth not long ago from the MCE camp. I like Linux and
can get around quite well; but... the wife and kids are not so
impressed.  The wife loves the commercial skip process and personally
so do I, but for everything else we are kinda at a loss. Nothing
really feels stable to us, the front end will randomly crash (if you
stop the TV it sometimes just exits to the desktop). This isn't a big
deal for me, i'll just grab the mouse, but it's not acceptable to the
wife or kids (they only want to use the remote). I listen to music a
lot, and as many have seen on this list, the music section of Myth
leaves a lot to be desired. Movies for the kids, just isn't working
like I want, I want a movie db, not a list of files. I need it as
simple as possible for the kids and wife to just click on the movie
they want, maybe this is a over site on my behalf, but it seemed to be
a lot of work to just get it to display just movies.

Next we tried XBMC for our front end, it's great, but it also has it's
issues...  I have XBMC set to load Myth TV through their native
settings. Watching TV works, but commercials show. What do i need to
set in Myth to make the commercials go away, or does that only work
when using Mythfrontend?

My next step is going back to Win7 MCE, but I still want to use Myth
TV. So I'm thinking of moving Mythbackend to a dedicated server in my
server room, and using it's uPNP abilities to allow MCE to watch TV,
live TV will be done via a Aver"pos"media tuner; that might or might
not work depending on the day, and how it feels.

Am I going about this in the wrong way? I need a high WAF, KAF, FAF
rating, and I think it's negative right now...(on all fronts).

BTW just for reference, I switched to Myth because moving to Win7
screwed up my Firewire recording, but I can't get that stable in Myth
either (maybe 1 out of 10 recordings works)

Tuner Hardware:
HDHR, Avermedia PCIe Combo, FiOS QIP-6200 STB
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