[mythtv-users] OT: 3D TV

bhaskins at chartermi.net bhaskins at chartermi.net
Wed Jan 13 20:38:03 UTC 2010

Tonight “mercy” will be aired.
Now this might even be a entertaining program to watch but the
sound quality is so bad that it's hard to follow the plot.
Many of the shows are that way today and yet during the news
and the all too frequent “program breaks” the sound quality suddenly recovers and is clear.

I don't really know if the problem is caused by excessive signal compression
or that the actors are speaking their lines through sticky mud  but 
quite often I just give up on the show because of the badly garbled sound.
Could this be a plot by the network dictators to get people to buy the season
DVD to find out what was said on the network broadcast?

Back in the early days all of the sound was good, even when the picture was snowy and
even as early as my seven-inch push-button Hallicrafters.
So this is progress?

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