[mythtv-users] Support for WMM extensions/ QoS

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jan 13 17:57:14 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 13 January 2010 10:43:13 am Donald J. Organ IV wrote:
> how would you guys recommend dropping wire in wall that looks like this
> ________________________________
> |  |   /* empty space /*   |  |
> |  |
> |  |-----------------------|  |
> |  |
> |    |------------------|     |
> |    |
> |    |     /* TV */     |     |
> |    |
> |    |
> |    |------------------|     |

I'd use an electrician's fish tape, which is stiff enough to go either up or 
down, though down is generally easier. A steel tape is strong enough to go 
through insulation if it's in place, the plastic fish tapes are too floppy to do 
that in many cases.

I assume you will install a wall plate of some type, so that takes care of one 
hole, probably at the bottom. I'm not sure what your situation is at the top, 
I try to avoid drilling the top plate if I can.

Pull at least 1 more cable than you actually need, and leave a pull string of 
some type in the wall, tied off at the top somehow. No matter how many times I 
have told myself I will never need to pull anything more, it always turns out 
I wish I had left a string.

Pulling cables is an art, and it depends a lot on the specifics at the terminal 
points, and local codes in some cases, though low-voltage cables are not as 
regulated as power wiring.

Is the TV set actually mounted *in* the wall, or *on* it? If it's in it you 
might want to remove it to provide better access to the wall interior.

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