[mythtv-users] nvida driver crushed blacks (Limited RGB signal) (16-235) is there a patch for mythtv or nvidia?

Kevin Johnson dabears_rule at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 13 00:50:30 UTC 2010

The sRGB and extended colour support is only support in VDPAU playback
mode. I hope to add it to OpenGL output one day...

You go in the setup.

I described how to set it in those two changeset:

The easiest way to set it up is to delete the 3 default VDPAU profile
(VDPAU Normal, High Quality and Slim) and restart MythTV

Then you go back in the setup ; Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> TV
Settings -> Playback -> Playback Profiles -> Custom Filters
Add the filter vdpaustudio to enable studio levels
vdpaucolorspace=auto should already be in the list of the custom filters.

So typically your custom filters line will be something like:

You have to edit all entries in the VDPAU profile.
If using VDPAU High Quality, there's only one
but in VDPAU Normal there are two ; both need to be modified.


Sir:  I cannot thank you enough.  I thought my setup was going to be hosed.  Now it is fantastic.
Again, thank you and to everyone who helps here.

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