[mythtv-users] VDPAU Custom filters documentation? JYA vs mythbuntu PPA?

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Tue Jan 12 19:29:07 UTC 2010

A couple of questions:

1) Are the newer VDPAU options for "Custom filters" documented anywhere? As it happens, I was looking for this last night and all I could find were the occasional mention of things like studio and colorspace=0,1,2 in the mythtv-users archive, but no explanations of what these do. And the wiki info on custom filters seems out of date as it doesn't mention either of these filters. I haven't gone as far as reading NVidia's documentation on the VDPAU API, could it be that's the place to go? If so, I imagine there's some string to enum translation taking place somewhere in mythtv code, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to extrapolate API documentation to what can be specified in the "Custom filters" entry.

2) What's the difference between what's available in JYA's repo and mythbuntu's PPA repo? AFAIK, when it comes to mythtv, they seem to be at the same patch levels, e.g. 23110 for mythtv and 23097 for mythplugins.


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