[mythtv-users] Remotux Released!

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 04:35:26 UTC 2010

> Well, there aren't any other clients yet, but feel free to make one :).

thanks. I would really like to have the ability to quickly capture
keyboard and mouse events from a laptop and pipe them to rinputd --
sort of like a 'headless vnc client" - with a simple hotkey combo to
switch from local input to piping input to rinputd

>> So, The iPhone client works great, but I have some suggestions and ideas :
>> Multiple input modes using full screen - change modes by doing swipe
>> all the way across screen from edge to edge
> How can you differentiate between a swipe and a legitimate mouse movement?

perhaps straight across from one edge to the other within a very short
period of time? Perhaps double tap in a corner to enable a 'change
input mode'

>> - mouse-only input mode - use right 90% of screen as touchpad, have
>> two buttons on left side that act like mouse buttons 1 and 2 (and 3 if
>> chorded)
> You can already right and middle click (and drag with them too), so
> why eat up screen real estate with buttons?

What you've implemented is great -- don't get me wrong -- however, it
doen't replace the usability of two buttons. Also, for any sort of
gaming use, it would be invaluable.

>> - Full keyboard mode - use space up to top where current mode select
>> is. Make escape in top left. Put arrow key grouping in top right in a
>> "diamond-like" arrangement of up above left,down,right
> How would you switch to and from this mode? Hence the UI Navigation
> Bar at the top. There just isn't enough space for meaningfully sized
> buttons when you've already got the keyboard pulled up.

See above. Also, IMHO, just re-arranging the keys to have default mode
with escape in place of shift, replace insert with up, end with left,
PgUp with down, and PgDown with right would go a long way. in top left
and arrow keys

>> - Mouse + arrow keys/enter/escape - make left 60% of screen act like
>> mouse, right 40% devoted to large arrow key diamond with an "enter"
>> button in the center, and an "escape" button above and to the left of
>> the arrows. This would be a good "hulu mode"
> I could see this being useful, but integrating it into the UI could be
> tricky due to real estate issues. I'm certainly open to help if anyone
> is interested in implementing, but I don't know when I could get
> around to it myself. I've already moved onto my next "big project", so
> I'll likely only do basic maintenance on Remotux and rinputd unless
> something changes.
>> - MythTV remote mode - provide mythtv keybindings, but keep it simple.
>> Prominent up/down/left/right, enter/escape, volume up and down,
>> pause/play, menu and info.
> Ummmm... Have you heard of MyMote? (And after searching, take a look
> at who made it too).

I know... Thanks! This just seems far more interesting due to the
POTENTIAL to control anything and everything on my computer, and is
far less "offensive" than the wireless keyboard sitting on the living
room table.

>> - tilt sensor mode. Map joystick axes to tilt sensors. Put joystick
>> buttons onscreen
> Again, does this work well for anyone above, and is it worthwhile if
> you already have a touchpad like interface?

It would be a great game controller option for flying / driving games
in emulators :)


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