[mythtv-users] OT: 3D TV

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jan 11 18:30:39 UTC 2010

Johnny wrote:

>  > Incorrect, the lcd one decrease the brightness as well as it black out on
>>  eye when the other one remain clear.
>>  And they are most likely more tiring as well. I use to have some of them,
>>  the synchronization was done using a
>  > IR transmitter which command the glasses the eyes to black out.

>The reduction of light isn't from only using one eye at a time.
>Polarization reduces the light. Only the light that matches
>polarization of the lens gets through. So you are filtering out light
>that doesn't match the polarization and this reduces the brightness.
>Where as the LCD glasses allow all of the light in when open for that

Seems to me that it's the difference between each eye getting half 
the light all the time, or all the light for half the time. On the 
other hand, with polarised systems I see two other issues :
1) Each unit of display area is now split in two - so each eye sees 
all the light from it's bit of screen all the time, but each bit of 
screen will be half the size it would have been in a standard 2d 
2) The display panel would have to have twice the number of pixels as 
a 2d screen.

One question that would come to mind with active shutter systems 
would be how well the display can switch images at twice the frame 
rate - and how well they will avoid image carryover from one image to 
the other. If they need a blanking period between images (ie both eye 
shutters dark) then that's going to further reduce display 
brightness. I've seen that in multiplexed LCD displays - a colleague 
didn't turn off the digit drivers before changing the segment drivers 
and the amount of carry over from one segment to the next was quite 

Simon Hobson

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