[mythtv-users] OT: 3D TV

xavier hervy xavier.hervy at bluebottle.com
Mon Jan 11 17:19:43 UTC 2010

Johnny wrote:
> They do it many ways. The specs for the content, etc, are separate
> from the way the actual TV implements it. I don't know what the
> satellite, cable, broadcast people are doing for sure. But the 3D
> blu-ray spec simply sends separate frames for each eye, and the new
> HDMI spec allows for two 1080p 60 fps streams (ie 60 fps for left and
> right eye). So the TV will be able to implement whatever kind of 3D
> tech they want. At CES there were two prominent ones that use glasses.
> Some people are doing polarized glasses like the theaters do. The down
> side to this is that you lose brightness when you use polarization.
> Basically half the light goes to each eye rather than both eyes seeing
> all the light. Most others using glasses, use LCDs (e.g. like a
> calculator screen). These are obviously more expensive and have to
> sync with the TV some how to black out the correct eye at the correct
> time, but they let all the light in to each eye so you don't lose
> brightness. Both of these technologies were competing for theaters a
Incorrect, the lcd one decrease the brightness as well as it black out 
on eye when the other one remain clear.
And they are most likely more tiring as well. I use to have some of 
them, the synchronization was done using a
IR transmitter which command the glasses the eyes to black out.


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