[mythtv-users] Video offset vertically after upgrading 0.21 -> 0.22

dave cunningham news001 at upsilon.org.uk
Sun Jan 10 14:13:03 UTC 2010

I'm running a Debian backend server + single frontend client, getting 
mythtv from the debian multimedia repo.

I've just upgraded both backend and frontend from 0.21 to 0.22 (+ 

The upgrade appears to have applied with no problems (i.e. I can see all 
my videos + rules from 0.21 in 0.22 etc.).

The GUI on the frontend is still OK.


Video playback is now vertically offset (by about 30% with the top 30% 
being a black bar, and the bottom 30% of the image being missing)!

Video is being output on a VGA -> Scart cable, in interlaced mode. I'm 
using xv-blit with no deinterlacer. The Xserver is running at 1440x576i.

Any ideas (obvious one to me at the moment being to downgrade back to 

Dave Cunningham                                  dave at upsilon org uk
                                                  PGP KEY ID: 0xA78636DC

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