[mythtv-users] Power off STB: a new twist from our local cable provider

Christian Szpilfogel chrisznews4 at rogers.com
Sun Jan 10 05:27:48 UTC 2010

Thanks all for the good suggestions. I change channels via iee1394 so 
I'll look into a benign code to send out; that may be the simplest way.

Ronald Frazier wrote:
> Please don't "bump" your post (especially after just an hour).
It wasn't intentional so please don't "jump" to conclusions. :-)
> Are you sure this problem happens based on how long the box has been
> on? The typical thing I see is that it's based on how long it's been
> since a button was pressed...as long as you press a button every hour
> or two, it's fine.
You are essentially correct, these messages seem to come on in the 
middle of the night and if idle for a while they will reappear. I have 
not seen them during the day.

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